1.Donation Agreement:

By submitting donations to Master of Lineage 2 Server, you agree that:
- you will not dispute the charges incurred to your paypal account from your voluntary donation to
- this form of donation is completely voluntary and unnecessary to play on the server.
- donations you make are used for hardware upgrades, maintenance, monthly fees that the server(s) require.
- donations are not refundable at any time or for any reason.
- even if you are a donator you will be treated as any other player.
- if a reward offered for a donation was stolen/lost/dropped ingame, we will not be held responsible for its recovery.

If you do not agree entirely with this statement please do not donate.
After donate, send us a confirmation message with:

  • paypal account.
  • game server(H5 x20 or Flame x3).
  • character name(for the reward).
  • type of coins(or services you want).
  • date
  • donation amount.

on Mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or DM on Discord to costykiller. 

2.Donations List:

2.1 Coins:

Reward NameDonation AmountBonus
100 Gold Einhasad 1€ No Bonus
500 Gold Einhasad 5€ No Bonus
1.100 Gold Einhasad 10€ + 10% Bonus
200 Blue Eva 1€ No Bonus
1000 Blue Eva 5€ No Bonus
2.200 Blue Eva 10€ + 10% Bonus
1.000 Silver Shilen 1€ 1-9€
No Bonus
11.000 Silver Shilen 10€ 10-24€
+ 10% Bonus
28.750 Silver Shilen 25€ 25-99€
+ 15% Bonus
120.000 Silver Shilen 100€ 100-199€
+ 20% Bonus
250.000 Silver Shilen 200€ 200-299€
+ 25% Bonus
405.000 Silver Shilen 300€ 300€+
+ 35% Bonus

2.2 Services:

Reward NameDonation Amount
255 Recommendations 10€
Character Name Change 15€
Character Gender Change 10€
Character Race Change 15€
Move Character To Another Account 15€
10.000 Clan Reputation Points 10€
50.000 Fame Points 25€
Clan Name Change 25€

3.Donations Method:
ML2 Donation on

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